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Peterborough Lawyer Family Civil


Representing individuals against employers

Many people experience issues in their workplace. We focus on helping you with issues such as constructive dismissal, wrongful dismissal, employment contracts, human rights and discrimination, and sexual harassment in the workplace. We will meet with you and attempt to negotiate a great resolution for you. If a resolution cannot be reached, we will not hesitate to take the matter to court. 


Helping you deal with your municipality

We can help you understand your rights when you are interacting with your local municipality for matters such as land use, zoning, building, and construction. We can advise you on your rights related to an issue with your local municipality and provide representation if necessary. 


Custody and Access, Property Division and Divorce

We provide support in all types of Family Law matters in Peterborough. These include, but are not limited to, child custody, child support, spousal support, and family/divorce law. We understand the need to address your interests in a timely and efficient matter. We are dedicated to negotiating fair resolutions quickly so that you can carry on in life.  If a resolution is not found we regularly pursue matters in Family Court to get you results. 

Civil Litigation

Small Claims and Superior Court Actions

The civil litigation process can be daunting, and a lawyer can help you impose your terms on others. We handle all types of Civil Litigation in Peterborough. Some areas of civil litigation include breach of contract, landlord/tenant issues, property issues (such as, destruction of property, improper transfer of land, etc.). We will pursue your claim aggressively to get you the monetary settlement you deserve. We attend at the Small Claims Court and Superior Court in Peterborough. 

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